Need HELP getting configured on DSTAR

Tom Cichowicz <tcichowicz@...>

I'm hoping someone can help me or point me to a site that shows how to configure a Thumb DV hotspot dongle for DStar ?

   I finally got my callsign approved on W1SCC DStar repeater - I now need to configure the Terminal ID(s)  --

    I followed the video instructions from ICOM to set it up for my radio ID-51a, however I'm not sure what if anything I need to do for my Thumb DV setup running DV Node for Windows.

     All of the terminology is just alphabet soup to me right now. Until I understand abit more how this stuff works I'm kinda lost. 

     I created a second terminal on my account placing a "C" for initial, and adding a PCNAME of callsign-dongle saved it and hoped for the best. I used a "C" for initial because that's what is setup in the DV Node Client software.

     However I still can't get anyone to respond to me on the REF030 C reflector - I can connect and hear everyone fine. I XMIT and my VU moves but no one seems to hear me.

     Just looking for some resources to learn how this software and technology works. If I was closer to my W1SCC reflector I would test my connection with my HT - but that's not possible from where I am.

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