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Bob Watson

Thank you, Gwen for your explanation.  Makes perfect sense.  Today, I did notice a mix of no data and all data showing up on received stations.
Thanks again.
73, Bob, KN4HH 

On Feb 18, 2020, at 11:20 AM, Gwen Patton <ardrhi@...> wrote:

To the best of my knowledge, the only thing you transmit is your number. The rest of the data is provided at the receive end from the downloaded databases. In many cases, updating the databases in radios is a pain in the tuchis, whereas updating the databases in BlueDV is as easy as clicking a menu option. In some radios, there is insufficient space to store the entire database, and you either have to pare it down or use aftermarket firmware that removes part of the program to make more room for database entries. That's how it is with the Tytera MD380, at least -- the Travis Goodspeed and later mods to the firmware gained back database room by deleting the Chinese language sections from the code.

So update your databases regularly if you can!

Gwen, NG3P

On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 10:07 AM Bob Watson via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I have D-STAR and DMR working on BlueDV.  However I have a question.  When I transmit on DMR, I do not see any of my data displayed (Call, Name, etc).  The only thing displayed is my DMR number.  Most stations do not see my data either.  However, one station in the US said he saw all my data.  My setup is exactly what has been specified by others on this group.  Is this possibly a database update issue.  I have only been registered on DMR for three days.

Thanks for any comments.

73, Bob, KN4HH


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