Just received ThumbDV and need ThumbTest doesn't see it #thumbdv

Dave Slotter, W3DJS


I'm a brand new user of the ThumbDV, but not new to Dongles in general. While I can get my DV3K dongle to work with BlueDV, I cannot say the same about my ThumbDV which just came in the mail today.

Seeing as I could not get BlueDV to work, I decided to try something more basic and quit BlueDV and then ran ThumbTest.exe from the console. Note that I am running this under Administrator access which should be able to see the serial ports, no matter what. Using COM9 and baud rates of 460800 and even 230400 (in case this was an older model), it was not returning back valid information on the console.

Here is a screen capture of running ThumbTest.exe

According to Windows Device Manager, I am running FTDI Driver on COM9 with a Driver Date of 8/16/2017 and Driver Version of

What am I missing here to make this work under Windows 10?

Also, I can try testing on a Linux environment on another computer. Are there testing instructions for Linux?

Please advise, and thanks.

- Dave

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