Re: Just received ThumbDV and need ThumbTest doesn't see it #thumbdv

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Here's the dump:

dave@Moonquake:~/projects/hamradio/NorthwestDigitalRadio/ftx-prog$ ./ftx_prog --dump

ftx_prog: version 0.3
Modified for the FT-X series by Richard Meadows

Based upon:
ft232r_prog: version 1.23, by Mark Lord.
Battery Charge Detect (BCD) Enabled = False
Force Power Enable Signal on CBUS = False
Deactivate Sleep in Battery Charge Mode = False
External Oscillator Enabled = False
External Oscillator Feedback Resistor Enabled = False
CBUS pin allocated to VBUS Sense Mode = False
Load Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers = True
Vendor ID (VID) = 0x0403
Product ID (PID) = 0x6015
USB Version = USB16.0
Remote Wakeup by something other than USB = False
Self Powered = False
Maximum Current Supported from USB = 200mA
Pins Pulled Down on USB Suspend = False
Indicate USB Serial Number Available = True
FT1248 Clock Polarity = Active Low
FT1248 Bit Order = MSB to LSB
FT1248 Flow Control Enabled = False
Invert TXD = False
Invert RXD = False
Invert RTS = False
Invert CTS = False
Invert DTR = False
Invert DSR = False
Invert DCD = False
Invert RI = False
RS485 Echo Suppression Enabled = False
DBUS Drive Strength = 4mA
DBUS Slow Slew Mode = 0
DBUS Schmitt Trigger = 0
CBUS Drive Strength = 4mA
CBUS Slow Slew Mode = 0
CBUS Schmitt Trigger = 0
Manufacturer = NW Digital Radio 03/20
Product = ThumbDV
Serial Number = D307T39M
I2C Slave Address = 0
I2C Device ID = 0
I2C Schmitt Triggers Disabled = False
CBUS4 = Tristate
CBUS5 = Tristate
CBUS6 = Tristate
No change from existing eeprom contents.

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 4:09 PM Bryan Hoyer <bhhoyer@...> wrote:
OK, in that case follow the instructions for fix_prog and run sudo ./ftx_prog —dump

On Apr 28, 2020, at 1:06 PM, Dave Slotter, W3DJS <slotter@...> wrote:

So there's nothing I can do to program it here? I am a software developer and used to build Palm Treo smartphones 10 years ago...

Willing to sign a NDA...

On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 4:05 PM Bryan Hoyer <bhhoyer@...> wrote:
Send it back anyways. The port detect depends on the EEPROM being programmed correctly.

> On Apr 28, 2020, at 1:03 PM, Bryan Hoyer <bhhoyer@...> wrote:
> It means the ThumbDV is good. Did both Green/Red LEDs flash?

- Dave

- Dave

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