Re: Absolute beginner Thumb-dv


You can find a small document how to add tgif here :




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Subject: Re: [ambe] Absolute beginner Thumb-dv


 I can not believe How tuff it is to set this Up ..  I live in the chicago area , I am interested in using the T.G.I.F network .  I Do not see the options on the Blue DV program to get  into T.G.I.F .  Does some one have a template that would get me started ?  I did get it set up for DMR plus but there is no one to listen to there .  Still can not get on Brandmeister  I just can not believe  The desert that exists of simple  flow charts " do this and then That and  finally  press this " ..  Right now I  consider  the 100 bucks I spent on this as a waste of time  and money .. change my mind .. show me where  the understandable videos and instructions are 

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