Re: ThumbDV used as an AMBE Server


Close -- AMBEserver talks to DummyRepeater (or Buster, ...) and DummyRepeater is what talks to ircddbgateway.

So the DummyRepeater will select the "DV3000 Network" and the IP/Port of the Raspberry Pi  and point to the ircddbgateway on the Raspberry Pi for linking, etc.

ircddbgateway on the raspberry pi will need to be configured for dummyrepeater to check in as a repeater (Repeater 2 in your example).

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Hello Community. So as to check if I understand correctly, it is possible to insert the ThumbDV on a USB port on my Raspberry Pi 3 that has a DVMega installed. System is Compass Linux. So I may install AMBE Server as described in the Wiki, set it up as Repeater 2 on ircDDBGateway (Repeater 1 is the DVMega), and access it from wherever with my dummy repeater program on my personal device. Did I understand correctly?




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