Re: ThumbDV used as an AMBE Server


No --  The AMBEserver talks to DummyRepeater (nothing directly to do with ircDDBGateway).  DummyRepeater talks to ircDDBGateway.

AMBEserver <=== Network AMBE/Voice over UDP ====> DummyRepeater <===== IP to/from ircDDBGateway =====>

The two connections to DummyRepeater are separate and distinct.   DummyRepeater uses the AMBEserver to encode/decode voice to/from AMBE, it then transfers that AMBE to/from the ircDDBGateway which routes it over the Internet to other gateways and reflectors.

Work on the AMBEserver and DummyRepeater connection.  Once DummyRepeater is communicating with AMBEserver, then work on DummyRepeater to ircDDBGateway.

Think of DummyRepeater as equivalent to dstarrepeater (which talks to the DVMega and dstarrepeater talks to ircddbgateway), similarly dummyrepeater looks like another 'dstarrepeater' to ircddbgateway.  AMBEserver is just an encoder/decoder for DummyRepeater.


On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 4:38 PM, TG9AOR via Groups.Io <agroaviation@...> wrote:

Hi John. Enjoying the ThumbDV here. It got my attention on the possibility to use it from home.

So on my gateway I install AMBE server as per wiki and leave the ThumbDV inserted on a USB Port, configured with the UDP listening port and IP of since it is on that RPi. On ircDDB I select for repeater 2 the ThumbDV with the default ports ( IP & 20012)

On my laptop I select DV3000/Network, point it to the IP of my gateway and port of the AMBE Server configuration.

Am I correct?

Thanks for your reply, John.


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