Re: Absolute beginner Thumb-dv

alpha foxtrotsix

You need to select software to use. I recommend BlueDV for Windows. Do a Google search, easy to find. Install the software. Launch the software, go into setup. Look under com port and see if it sees the com port. 

73 de AF6BY


On Sun, May 3, 2020, 11:50 S. Wilk <nk9a@...> wrote:
 Hello;  I got the thumb dv  today and plugged it in  to computer .. want to use it for dmr/dstar ..  Right now plugged directly into usb port  and  NOTHING! no led's .. no prompt as to where to down load software ..  Computers have always been a challenge ..  and here I am trying to get this thing running .. Please  instruct me or direct me to some place i can get step by step instructions to get started .  Thank You . 

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