Re: PiDV, AMBEserver and Buster

Ted Huston

Kevin, correct just rely on the OS native FTDI and I do use the USB-c adapter.  I have a port expander I use especially to give me an hdmi port.  Using the USB ports on it for the thumb drive don’t work, but using just the c adapter does.  

On May 7, 2020, at 2:19 AM, Kevin - VE7OVY <ve7ovy@...> wrote:

Hi Ted,  don’t know exactly what you mean by an extender. MacBook Pro has USB-C only ports, so one must use a USB-C to USB-A adapter in order to plug it in.  

Also not sure how to identify a FTDI conflict In OSX. Based on the system report I shared above it looks like it’s being seen by the OS. I read you’re not supposed to load FTDI’s drivers on a Mac, just let the native driver in OSX take care of it.  I was hoping to simply run this on my Mac laptop without doing Ambe servers on a Raspberry Pi.  We’re not all software gurus, hi hi. Perhaps I just need to be patient as Bryan said the software writer will be looking at the issue soon...  Thanks for the comments. 

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