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Gwen Patton

I don't use PI-STAR, David. I am connecting over my home LAN to a Raspberry Pi, but it is only running AMBEServer and a dynamic DNS updater daemon for my ThumbDV. The IP address is the URL for the dynamic DNS pointer to the ThumbDV. I'll look for a UPNP setting in what I've got, but I don't remember seeing that. (Yeah, I don't see a UPNP option anywhere.)

Gwen, NG3P

On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 3:18 PM David PA7LIM <info@...> wrote:

Hi Gwen,


Never seen this. When you also use PI-STAR, disable UPNP. Maybe this will solve the strange behavior.


I know about FCS00199. This is an issue on the reflector. The parrot on YSF is working 100%.



Greets and 73,

    David PA7LIM


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I've been using it since yesterday when I saw it posted, and it works really well. I even checked into the WIRES-X Net and the only comment I got was that my audio was a bit hot, so I backed it down. But there were a couple of relatively minor things I spotted.


Test notes for BlueDV

- When keyed down and transmitting, the Fusion status box lights red intermittently, though
transmission is constant. This is at odds with receive activity, where the status box is lit
continuously on receiving another station. When sending, though the On Air legend at the lower
right is constant, the red light on the FUSION call status box is not constant. It turns on
and goes off seemingly at random. Linked to YSF AmericaLink at the time.


- Sometimes, during a long transmission, while experiencing the intermittent red status box, if I pause 

for a moment, the box will light up red and I'll hear the tail end of my own transmission. Just a split second

of it, not the entire thing. It's hard to reproduce. This might point at the intermittent red box issue being 

somehow connected to whether or not the user is speaking or pausing. VOX is OFF. I never use VOX.

It's pure conjecture, but maybe something is accidentally calling the VOX routine under some circumstances?

- Connected to FCS00199 (Echo), the Call line in the FUSION status box shows random characters
instead of a call sign or ID. This looks very odd. This did not happen on YSF AmericaLink,
where it showed my call sign. Haven't tried to reproduce this.




Gwen, NG3P


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