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Thank you Different David :)
Yes, I had discovered that, but I couldn't confirm that i was connected to the correct TG -if any at all. If you choose from the list, the TG# appears when you 'transmit'. I checked all of the files in the BlueDV folder in Documents, but none of those files contain TG info.
73 de Mike

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You should be able to type directly into that dropdown box the TG number you want.

From there it will be cached and from that point on you can select it with the drop down.



David  ( different David )


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Hello David.
Firstly, thank you for your continuing efforts on the BlueDV project, it is most appreciated.
I do have a question. Could you point me to the DMR TG (Talkgroup) configuration file? I need to make an entry as the one I am trying to connect to does not appear in the drop-down list box.

Thanks in advance.
73 de Mike

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