Re: DVstick 30 and AMBEServer Linux (Pi) #anbeserver #ambeserver



its no need to install a driver, all is in Kernal.


I saw a lot of Problems where the Stick is not found on /dev/ttyUSB0

PLEASE check the goups file with sudo nano /etc/group

if the dailout group constst of your user

check the line


(in my case stefan is the user who runs ambe server, if he is not in this line by dailout the communication with the stick is not given by default.

( if nano as a text editor is not installed to view the /etc/group file install if before with sudo apt-get install nano

to start on comand line use for DV30 Stck

AMBEserver -d -s 460800 -p 2460 -i /dev/ttyUSB0

Stefan DL1ESZ

Am 19.05.20 um 21:30 schrieb Nomis Bayan Jr.:

Hi Stefan,

Did you try to install two DV30Stick? Did you also install the FTDI driver.

On 5/19/2020 12:36 AM, Stefsan wrote:

where Hi ,

DV30 runns perfect on AMBE Server.

Dont use Compass Linux use a standart Raspian Image, after installation use AMBE Server installation from github source

its very easy to compile

Google youtube shows how easy it is, Have running it here since 1 year without no problems

Stefan DL1ESZ

Am 19.05.20 um 03:22 schrieb ke8oiv@...:
I'm running into trouble with getting the service started on a Pi3 with Compass and a DVstick 30.  It sounds like the DVstick is compatible but can someone please confirm.  Thanks!

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