Linking Peanut Server to Fusion Room

Alain Reid

Folks, I am trying to achieve what PA7LIM describes below: My goal that is to allow an amateur with Peanuts Client on his Android / Windows to have a QSO with an amateur who uses his Yeasu FT3D on my Fusion repeater. So I followed PA7LIM procedure described below:

I set up an AMBEserver on a Raspberry PI 4 using a ThumbDV. That works well. It did not work with DVStick30 unfortunately. In reference to the red dots above, my questions are the following:
Q1: Do I really have to build a YSF repeater or I can just provide PA7LIM with my Room number  so he can connects is Peanut server to my Fusion Room number?  Q2: Do I need to set up a YSF Server and than link it to my Fusion Room number and  forward that to PA7LIM with  the Hostname and port of the YSF server? Thank you folks if you can bright some light! 73!

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