PI-DV3000 error message and ideas about its source


I administer a dstar system, W7VOI. It has worked well for a couple of years and continues to work adequately with a single anomaly.

I can access and use the W7VOI system perfectly when accessing it from a radio. However, if I try to link to the system from my pi-DV3000 computer, I get a message “Connected to . Attempting to establish link.” Despite this message, I am able to hear the audio from W7VOI but I cannot transmit to W7VOI from the computer.

The port forwarding tests at W7VOI are passed but when the gateway is up, I see with nettalk  that port 4000 is not ‘listening.’ I have no trouble linking to sites other than W7VOI so I think the issue is in my dstar setup. 

My question is has anyone seen this message and found it associated with any specific dstar issue? I would love to have help conceptualizing the problem so I might know where in the dstar system to look for a solution. Can it be hardware in the computer? a modem issue? a software error or some other problem source that I should be attending to?

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Gary W7JZU

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