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I am using a ThumbDV and Buster with Sierra 10.12.4 and it works OK with baud set to 46800 - see attached screen shot. I don’t remember doing anything special when I installed Buster, but that was some time ago.

As far a I can tell, there is no support for Buster to keep host files (or however they use to add new reflectors) so what you get is all there is. Also, the voice prompt when you link/unlink has gone away recently.

Lyn - KC8I

On Mar 4, 2017, at 1:07 PM, N7JRJ@... wrote:

I’ve just received the ThumbDV from NW Digital Radio.  I’m trying to use Buster, but when I select the serial device representing the ThumbDV and try to set the port speed to 460800, buster locks up.  I’m running MacOS Sierra.  I've googled and checked this forum.  My next step will be to setup the ThumbDB on a Pi3/Compass, but I’d like to get this working on my laptop if possible.  Jeremy McDermond's site is down (NH6Z), so I thought I would ask here.

Advice appreciated!


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