Re: ambeserver on a Raspberry Pi stops after 30 seconds #ambeserver


Hi, you get Problems to Start ambe server demon by open serial Port before.
Check why ttyUSB0 cannot open, maybe open /etc/group with nano or Other editor add dailout with the User who starts ambe Server.

Am 23.06.2020 18:07 schrieb klammeraffe2@...:


I am quit new and has just start to work a little bit with a Raspberry Pi . I nstalled the image according the Wiki to run the ambeserver with an ThumbDV.
So far so good till after approx. 30 sec the server failed - attached the sceenshot of the status-messages.

Maybe someone can give me some hints, where to look for, that teh server is running "longer" than 35 seconds...


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