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I guess the only thing else I could suggest is making sure you are connecting to the correct port. I have a bunch of them connected on some Macs.

Regarding 10.12.4 beta, this is a first for me. I recently inherited this 2011 iMac and added it to my fleet. It was giving me fits by losing WIFI when asleep and then wouldn't reconnect. I tried some recommended fixes, but they only lasted a day or so.

I decided I didn’t have much to lose and possibly they could see what was happening as they monitored my Mac. Strange as it may seem, the problem is gone with 10.12.4 beta. It’s usually better to be lucky than good!

No issues at all so far with the beta.

73 and Have Fun!

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm running Sierra release 10.12.3 (notice you're running beta -- very brave).  Buster finds my serial port, but when I switch from the default 230400,  I get beachball, full cpu usage, and the vocoder isn't found. I've rebooted to ensure system is clean. I've checked logs, but see nothing from Buster. 

<Screen Shot 2017_03_04 at 1.10.17 PM.png>



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