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It’s about time this was done, currently RefO01 remote users 32 gateways connected ref030 has 716 remote and 49 gateways. QSO’s are few. I think there’s a Sunday net on 001c and 030c is just free entertainment.

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The issues are under study and there should be a communication coming out about it.


  1. People were parking multiple hotspots on REF001 and REF 030. This was causing it to be impossible for others to log in. The huge level of traffic caused the reflector software to become unstable (they were essentially being subjected to an inadvertent denial of service attack) The owners have implemented a “1 connection only” policy, where any attempts to connect additional hotspots using the callsign will be rejected.
  2. Apparently some of the hotspots have software that does not “back off” after being told there was already one connection from that callsign active. This continued connection attempt from hundreds of users makes the reflector unstable. As a result, callsign that persist in repeated multiple connection attempts have been temporarily banned until the hotspot software issue is addressed by the makers/authors of the software.


So if you find that you have been blocked from any connections to those two reflectors, then re-read the two problems above and make sure you have addressed the issues 2 mentioned at your end.


There should be a more official description of the problems with more information about how to solve them on FB and other user groups (including on very soon.


Please don’t ask me for details. I do not know any more than this. What I do know is there is NO NEED to connect multiple hotspots to the two most often used reflectors in the world.


To hear what your audio sounds like, please use a seldom used reflector, connect to REF### E, almost all reflectors and hotspots use module E as an echo device that will record your audio and play it back.


If you absolutely must to experiment with 2 hotspots for some reason, make sure they are set on different frequencies first, use a seldom used reflector (please ask permission!) and disconnect both hotspots from the reflector immediately after you have completed your test.




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