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Hi Patrick,
I'd be interested in more detail about how your setup "WIRES x is happening between a Yaesu HRI-200 and an Allstar node in analog mode" is happening.

In regard to Alain's query I host an AMBE server for XLX301. The YSF server at another QTH is hosted on XLX and registered at: Then we provided the details to David and a week or so later it was all working. If there is any problem check on the peanut dashboard that your AMBE server is online - mine has required an occasional restart.


At 07:14 AM 21/07/2020, Patrick Perdue wrote:

Are you talking about WIRES x or YSF? I'm new to any C4FM stuff, but as I understand it, you generally can't connect to YSF reflectors from WIRES x repeaters. No problem if you have a hotspot.

You can host a YSF reflector on XLX, and have Peanut connected to that as DMR, thus no codec translation is required other than the AMBE dongle you already have. This is how I'm doing it, in fact, as part of a system involving DMR, DStar, echo link, Allstar, Peanut, YSF, and WIRES x. In my case, WIRES x is happening between a Yaesu HRI-200 and an Allstar node in analog mode, since I don't have a Yaesu radio to make a digital link. But, if you want to digitall involve WIRES x, it gets a lot more complicated. You'll need a hotspot, a Yaesu radio, such as the FT-M100 or FT-400DR, and an HRI-200 connected to the radio in order to host the WIRES x room, plus a Windows PC to run the WIRES x software. So, you don't need a repeater as such, but if you want to truly connect to WIRES x, you need all this extra gear just to get on the network.

If all you want is YSF support, that's much easier. There are instructions for auto-linking a particular XLX module to the YSF reflector hosted by XLXD, involves changing a couple of lines in part of the XLXD source and compiling with those changes. Then, you can have Peanut connected to your XLX reflector and module using the DMR master server rather than the DStar way, which seems to be the default way to connect XLXD to Peanut. If you want to connect to module A, use TG 4001. For module B, use 4002... and so on. If you connect as DStar, you'll need two more AMBE dongles for your XLX reflector in order to translate DMR/YSF to DStar and back, plus another AMBE dongle to translate to and from Peanut itself, which is why I suggest having it connected as if it is a DMR master server instead... unless David does support YSF connections now, in which case you could just go directly to that.

On 5/30/2020 10:25 AM, Alain Reid wrote:

Folks, I am trying to achieve what PA7LIM describes below: My goal that is to allow an amateur with Peanuts Client on his Android / Windows to have a QSO with an amateur who uses his Yeasu FT3D on my Fusion repeater. So I followed PA7LIM procedure described below:

I set up an AMBEserver on a Raspberry PI 4 using a ThumbDV. That works well. It did not work with DVStick30 unfortunately. In reference to the red dots above, my questions are the following:
Q1: Do I really have to build a YSF repeater or I can just provide PA7LIM with my Room number  so he can connects is Peanut server to my Fusion Room number?  Q2: Do I need to set up a YSF Server and than link it to my Fusion Room number and  forward that to PA7LIM with  the Hostname and port of the YSF server? Thank you folks if you can bright some light! 73!

Mike Fleetwood
Canberra Australia and Sidcup UK.

Worldwide email address is:      mfleetwood@...

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