AMBEServer : Invalid start byte 0x05 (seems to expect 0x61)



I'm trying to set up a D-Star to Asterisk. I've got a DV3000U/ThumbDV connected on a Raspberry Pi, with the AMBEServer listening. I'm trying to connect to it from another Linux or Windows machine, using "dplus_cli" or "dextra_cli" command line tools from Scott, KI4LKF.

With both software (dplus_cli under Linux, and dextra_cli under Windows), I see incoming UDP packets to AMBEServer, but it does not answer.

Having a look at AMBEServer source code, I noticed that :
- AMBEServer generates an error because it receives an invalid start byte when reading from the socket : 0x05
- AMBEServer seems to wait for DV3K_START_BYTE   = 0x61

Any idea about why (old) KI4LKF client software are sending 0x05 as a start byte, while AMBEServer seems to expect 0x61 ?

Thank you in advance. Kind regards.

73 de TK1BI

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