Re: AMBEServer : Invalid start byte 0x05 (seems to expect 0x61)


AMBEserver is using the newer AMBE3000 chip from DVSI.  When Scott wrote his code the predominant AMBE solutions used older chips (usually USB attached) with a different setup and byte flow to process the AMBE stream.  Those programs by Scott would need to be updated to talk to the newer chips using the packet protocol to exchange AMBE and PCM data.

If you look at the source AMBEserver you will see that the UDP stream simply encapsulates the packets defined to go into and out of the AMBE3000 chip, the client is responsible for sending valid and properly formatted packets.

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 4:52 AM, Santu OTTAVI <t.ottavi@...> wrote:

I'm trying to set up a D-Star to Asterisk. I've got a DV3000U/ThumbDV connected on a Raspberry Pi, with the AMBEServer listening. I'm trying to connect to it from another Linux or Windows machine, using "dplus_cli" or "dextra_cli" command line tools from Scott, KI4LKF.

With both software (dplus_cli under Linux, and dextra_cli under Windows), I see incoming UDP packets to AMBEServer, but it does not answer.

Having a look at AMBEServer source code, I noticed that :
- AMBEServer generates an error because it receives an invalid start byte when reading from the socket : 0x05
- AMBEServer seems to wait for DV3K_START_BYTE   = 0x61

Any idea about why (old) KI4LKF client software are sending 0x05 as a start byte, while AMBEServer seems to expect 0x61 ?

Thank you in advance. Kind regards.

73 de TK1BI


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