Re: PiDV, AMBEserver and Buster

Kenny Richards

Thanks Anna! (and Rob)


On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 10:24 AM Annaliese McDermond <nh6z@...> wrote:
I am sorry this has taken so much time, but I have been in various fights with Apple over Buster for the past few months.

Finally, Buster 1.2.9 has been released to the app store.  This should work better on Catalina for folks.  I've done some changes to the serial port handling that seem to clear up the errors.

I'd like to thank Rob Huston, WD8NAQ, for his contributions to trying to make sure DPlus reflectors show up more reliably.  We made some changes in the code and hopefully those should start showing up more quickly during some error conditions.  Please wait around 10 seconds after launching buster for things to settle before trying to link to DPlus reflectors.

There are also a couple of changes initiated by Apple that you should be aware of.

Apple rejected the app because the icon didn't show up well in Dark Mode.  The icon has been slightly redesigned to accommodate this.

More significantly, Apple rejected Buster because the close box on the main window didn't function (it's been that way for five years now).  This was by design, because the app doesn't make a lot of sense without the main window active (you could always hide it if you didn't want to see it).  Apparently this is against the App Store rules.  I have had to implement the ability to close the main window in Buster.  I do not suggest you use it.  The window has been renamed "Control" and you can get it back by selecting the "Control" entry in the "Windows" menu.  This also should be command-0.  The big missing feature here is that when you close the window, you will lose your QSO log completely, including any ongoing transmissions that may be in progress.  The window will begin to work correctly upon the next transmission.  To remember the QSO log would be a larger task that I wanted to bite off right now with how things are working, and I wanted to get out a release soon to try to solve some of the Catalina issues for folks (I know, right as Big Sur is going to be released...).

Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy the updates.

Annaliese McDermond, J.D.

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