Re: Thumb DV Baud rate change #ambe #thumbdv #ambeserver


Hi Don. I recall reading a how-to from John Hays of NW Digital Radio, where he explains how to do "surgery" to an Original ThumbDV to change the baud rate from 230,400 to 460,800, I believe that it involved in cutting a couple of traces on the PCB and re-jumpering.
I'll see if I can locate the document.
73 de Mike

On Friday, October 9, 2020, 08:19:34 p.m. EDT, Donald Jacob <wb5eku@...> wrote:

Sorry if this has been answered before, I searched but could not find it.
I have an original ThumbDV, its baud rate is 230,400. My new ThumbDV has a baud rate of 460800, Is there a
hardware (relative easy!) mod to bring the original up to 460800 ?

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