Blue DV for windows error message , and not able to DMR..

S. Wilk

 The error message  I get on screen when I try  to get set -up is " Unhandled exception has occurred in your application   goes on to say goes on to say object reference not set to an instance of an object .  Second issue , although I can easily get to and talk on D-Star.. trying to set up for  the 847 group on DMR  is impossible .  TGIF , same thing .. I believe that passw0rd should be  changed to pass1rd  but that change  can not be set ( see the above error message ) and although I save the changes , next visit to set-up shows  DMRtype = DMR plus.. brandmeister =2001 EU., passw0rd .,dmr master = ipsc2illinois ..  I can not understand any of it .. can someone explain? thank you . 

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