Re: PI-DV3000 error message and ideas about its source


Thank you John, that was helpful to know that it was probably my status within the larger network and not a software glitch in the gateway. The fact that it worked for you was important information.

I did establish the terminals and we will wait until they propagate thru the system. I suspect this was indeed the problem. I had registered at another gateway but that was deleted and I had not reregistered terminals in the new gateway where I registered.

I am waiting to hear how to revise my IrcDDB entry and will make the changes when I get the link.

73, Gary

From: John Hays <john@...>
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2016 5:43 PM
Subject: Re: [ambe] PI-DV3000 error message and ideas about its source

Hi Gary,

I have just connected to W7VOI B with Buster and the connection seems to be working, though nobody is transmitting right now. (BTW, you can get a security certificate from AA4RC so you don't get the warning when connecting to your dashboard.)

It is unusual that this would happen with one system.  W7VOI does not appear to be at a fixed address?  It is currently at -- You might want to check your /dstar/tmp/gateways.txt file and see if it has this address for W7VOI.

You also seem to be reporting into ircDDB with the add-on, but have incomplete data as it doesn't have lat/lon.

The main issue may be that W7JZU does not have a registered terminal on the US Trust (also it would be the DPLUS login in DummyRepeater).

On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 4:15 PM, Gary Payne via <garyw7jzu@...> wrote:
I administer a dstar system, W7VOI. It has worked well for a couple of years and continues to work adequately with a single anomaly.

I can access and use the W7VOI system perfectly when accessing it from a radio. However, if I try to link to the system from my pi-DV3000 computer, I get a message “Connected to . Attempting to establish link.” Despite this message, I am able to hear the audio from W7VOI but I cannot transmit to W7VOI from the computer.

The port forwarding tests at W7VOI are passed but when the gateway is up, I see with nettalk  that port 4000 is not ‘listening.’ I have no trouble linking to sites other than W7VOI so I think the issue is in my dstar setup. 

My question is has anyone seen this message and found it associated with any specific dstar issue? I would love to have help conceptualizing the problem so I might know where in the dstar system to look for a solution. Can it be hardware in the computer? a modem issue? a software error or some other problem source that I should be attending to?

Thank you in advance for any ideas.

Gary W7JZU


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