Re: DMR XLX Fusion Linking #thumbdv


DMR and Fusion HR use the same AMBE vocoder mode, so the reflector only needs to handle the digital wrappers and network transit. 

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021, 10:40 Brett <zl2aus@...> wrote:

The latest version XLXd is a DMR / Fusion system and doesn't need any trans-coding .. trans-coding is needed for Dstar connections .. my XLX has trans-coding but I can listen to DMR transmissions on my fusion radio connected to my XLX reflector .. I may be wrong but it works for me ...

Brett ZL2AUS

At 07:01 am 8/01/2021, you wrote:
I'm try to find information on setting up transcoding between an XLX reflector, DMR and fusion. It is my understanding that DMR and fusion will be setup on the same remote server remotely . I also understand that the DMR/Fusion systems need transcoding to talk with the XLX reflector. 2 thumbDV modules are on the way. Can somebody point me in a direction to setting up the transcoding on a raspberry pi locally?  What software is required? Are there any good links with instructions?


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