Re: DMR XLX Fusion Linking #thumbdv


N7TAE has done some great work. 

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021, 11:51 Ryan Matthew Headley <headley.ryan@...> wrote:
That should work out fine.  I just mentioned the Pi's because there is are quite few different guides online directing the use of a Pi.

I run two:  one is on a circa 2012 Dell Optiplex connected to Verizon business service in Brooklyn, NY.  The other is running in a Debian virtual machine on my Threadripper-powered desktop/server.  Both run without a hitch.

N7TAE's build is not only easier to build and install, but also has few extra features like DExtra linking.  He has also done a good bit of work cleaning up the code.  It is more stable than the main build, and can run for weeks or months without issue.

One other thing included in Tom's build is the ability to set it up for ipv6 connectivity.  The ability for every device to have its own global address solves a lot of problems with reflectors and hotspots.  I have my reflectors setup for ipv6 connectivity for D-Star, Fusion, and DMR.  The newest builds of DMRGateway and YSFClients have the ability to use ipv6 connections, and well as QnetGateway does for D-Star.

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