Re: DMR XLX Fusion Linking #thumbdv


Thanks for the reply. Our gaol is to have Dstar, YSF and DMR on the same XLX module. I believe this link is for setting up a new reflector and transcoder on a local machine. We have an existing XLX reflector on a remote server with DMR and YSF  to be added soon. What I am looking for is information on setting up the local transcoder to receive transcode  and send back to the remote server. I've been told this has been done on a raspberry pi with 2 digital vocoders but can't find and information on the setup.  

On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 02:25 PM, Ryan Matthew Headley wrote:
The absolute quickest and easiest way to get a a transcoding XLX reflector up an running is the N7TAE's new-xlx:

If your goal is to use YSF and DMR, then you need no transcoder.  That is only required for D-Star to either of those modes.

A few cautions when using a Raspberry Pi for the XLX reflector:

1) use a Pi 4.  It will work on the Pi 3B+, but will struggle with too many connections--and the transcoder will have more 'hickups.'
2) In most cases, use an ethernet cable, not. WiFi for the internet connection. (Such a case would be if you do not know the which WiFi standard your router uses, or in any case where your router is provided by your ISP).

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