Re: DMR XLX Fusion Linking #thumbdv

Charles Wiant

In your xlx install there is ambed in there just have to set it up

On Jan 7, 2021, at 5:57 PM, John Ferrari via <jsfpamac@...> wrote:

Thank you so much. I think I'm on the right track now. 
I'm reviewing this pdf now.


On Thu, Jan 7, 2021 at 04:46 PM, Ryan Matthew Headley wrote:
This can certainly be done.  The program is called ambed.  It is part of the xlxd repository, but it can be built and installed completely separately from xlxd.  Good instructions are found in the README within the ambed folder.

Make sure that the internet connection for the ambed server has the lowest latency possible.  You cannot control your ISP, but do everything you can locally.

Used remotely, ambed--like xlxd--will need a static public IP address.  One thing not specifically mentioned in the README is that for a local (to xlxd) install, ambed should listen on the local-link address (; for a remote (to xlxd) install, ambed should listen on the LAN address of the device running ambed.

All in all, the network considerations for running ambed remotely are a little greater than running both ambed and xlxd locally.  In the end, running both xlxd and ambed on a local server may still give you fewer headaches and better overall performance. 

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