Re: AMBE not detected by Thumb DV

AB4WS - Jack

Check your communication speed for the port the ThumbDV is plugged into, early versions of the ThumbDV required slower communication speed while the newer device requires a faster speed.

On Jan 19, 2021, at 16:06, Tim Lawrence <kj4hpg@...> wrote:

Hello all,

I am using Thumb DV with Blue dV version 9572 download.  I have installed everything correctly and am using the correct COM port.  However upon startup Blue DV does not recognize the AMBE software.  I get a firmware not detected error or if I uncheck the thumb DV box in the AMBE section of Blue DV I says connected to zumspot however I have no control over the AMBE setting mic gain, output etc and can hear no audio.  I have updated software and looked for a firmware upgrade for teh thumb DV however have came up empty.  Has anyone else experience this issue?


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