Re: AMBE not detected by Thumb DV

Dave Slotter, W3DJS


These are my (redacted) settings for BlueDV for Windows.

Where I have filled in "YOURCALL", you should put in your callsign. Where I have filled in "DMR_ID" in three places, you should put in your assigned DMR ID number. I have both a ThumbDV and another (competitor) AMBE USB Dongle. I have the AMBE USB dongle plugged into COM4 -- you should confirm you have the right COM port. Notice I select COM4 under "Serial Port Radio" and also under "AMBE Serial Port" (two places). Depending on how new or old your ThumbDV is, you should either select 230400 baud or 460800 baud.

Are you able to share what your settings look like?

On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 11:01 AM, Tim Lawrence wrote:
I have tried the different baud rates and it does not seem to have an effect.  The COM ports are correct it usually defaults to COM 6.  Looks like the software is just not communicating with the AMBE chip.  All settings are there just grayed out and can't adjust anything or use PTT function.  When I check the box to use the dongle the COM ports will not connect. When I uncheck it everything connects but just no audio.  It is receiving data.  I was going to install this on my PC and then if I want to connect to PC remotely via desktop would be able to pull up Dstar or DMR.

- Dave

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