Re: Portable ambe server

Gwen Patton

I run my AMBEServer on a Raspberry Pi, with the ThumbDV on a powered hub. I have a port forwarded to Dyndns so I can access it from anywhere using my phone or any other internet-connected machine. It's not portable, but it doesn't have to be. I activate it by SSH'ing to the RasPi and bringing up the AMBEServer. Then I leave the session open but minimized. I can use the same computer to run BlueDV, or my Android phone to run BlueDV AMBE. Works great. I use ExtraPuTTY (a fork of PuTTY that has file transfer protocols, and other features) for the access.

If I used it more, I might pop for a static IP for mine as well, but the DynDNS works ok so long as I have a daemon on the RasPi that updates it if my home network's IP changes.

Note that I ONLY run AMBEServer. I don't run Buster or any other programs except the dynamic DNS daemon, which runs in the background and starts on boot. What else might you want to know?

Gwen, NG3P

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 11:31 PM Glenn Taylor VK1NUT <vk1nut@...> wrote:
I have a portable ambe server
and am trying to accertain if moving the default port (2465) to match local ambeservers (2462) would effect the reliability of the connection.
I can connect externally from bluedv ambe for android and bluedv for windows to a static ip address as I don't need dyn dns etc.
Unfortunately the connection seems to be unrealiable at best to others.
The server can be accessed by me anywhere even ssh everytime.
Has anyone had experience with these as I would appreciate your help.

Glenn vk1nut

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