Re: Portable ambe server


I've been using the same system for a few years. I can tell you that I have made some soft and hardware changes to the master which improves the latency a little when you are on the go (auto) as a slave.

This does less unpack, so in mine I did this:

1. I modified the various ports to be independent and avoid default access using its internal config in the sd

2. you must have a configuration without automatic dhcp but fixed ip for and in your ambe

3. in any case inform your router with the NAT port you use towards the IP of the ambe (for external access)

4. there is a recent change to be made on the ambe server hardware to improve the latency which then brings it from 230400bd to 460800bd (a simple hardware soldering) and then also mod speed in the soft AMBEs you use

5. Change the SD and port to the new speed and the new soft to download iso for the SD

6. have a fixed IP or use any system dyndns or no-ip or other to reach it even from outside the home on the internet

7. I have activated the SSH app to be able to reboot and turn off and turn on the master again if it crashes

With the DVSWITCH app you don't need an AMBE, as everything is contained via soft.
A single raspberry on the network as a server and the DvSwitch app with its iso on the configured sd, obviously with the NAT configured and fixed ip or dyndns / no-ip for access from outside your home network.


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