Re: Portable ambe server


I cannot answer for that specific product, since it is not a NW Digital Radio product like the ThumbDV™

However a couple of data points:
  • The AMBEserver (generic) software is port and IP address agnostic, so you just configure it to run on whatever address and port you want, whether public or private.  (ThumbDV™ install of AMBEserver.)
  • The network protocol is UDP, not TCP, which means it is 'unreliable'.  The packets are not assured of delivery and unacknowledged, so they may get lost if the network circuit has any loss.  (SSH on the other hand uses TCP)
  • The daemon really only supports one simultaneous client, so if you have more than one client running you may get lost packets.
  • Make sure the port you choose is forwarded through the router.

On Thu, Jan 21, 2021 at 8:31 PM Glenn Taylor VK1NUT <vk1nut@...> wrote:
I have a portable ambe server
and am trying to accertain if moving the default port (2465) to match local ambeservers (2462) would effect the reliability of the connection.
I can connect externally from bluedv ambe for android and bluedv for windows to a static ip address as I don't need dyn dns etc.
Unfortunately the connection seems to be unrealiable at best to others.
The server can be accessed by me anywhere even ssh everytime.
Has anyone had experience with these as I would appreciate your help.

Glenn vk1nut

John D. Hays
Kingston, WA


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