Re: Portable ambe server

Nutters (vk1nut)

Thanks guys,
I seem to have all your suggested bases covered at this stage.
I was wondering is this Portable AMBE Server using the same distro of DebianĀ  as NW does?
I don't know enough about identifying linux distros so I have a screen capture of the File structure in the hopes that I can get an idea of the distro and the contents of
Raspberry Pi reference 2017-11-29
Generated using pi-gen,, b71bf3179310aadf9aaf2ffcdf094a88e488dce8, stage2

I would appreciate any input that recognises the distro.
The AMBEDConfig.exe sets up the IP address and Ports and the server does work, but it just appears to be intermittent so I am thinking I am mismanaging it somehow.

Thnx in advance

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