Re: AMBEServer : Invalid start byte 0x05 (seems to expect 0x61)



Le 19/03/2017 à 11:14, Jean-Marc Magnier a écrit :
do you know this ?

Yes, I heard about DMRGateway. DMR will be the next step. But for now, we have enough to do here with D-Star, HI :-)

I was looking about an existing solution for a quick D-Star to Asterisk gateway. There are solutions with old software from KI4LKF, and they require an old AMBE2000 chip. But, as far as I understood, there are no ready-to-use solutions with modern AMBE3000 chips (such as DV3000, ThumbDV, PiDV).

Then, we'll have to adapt (or re-write) some software. DMRGateway would be a good start point.

Anyway, I have no skills (and no fun !) in C programming language. And some actual talented C programmers may not have /* and // keys on their keyboard, HI :-) This does not help to understand how their code works :-(

According to my (lack of) free time, such a project is out of scope for me. At least, for now ;-)

73 de TK1BI

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