Re: Trying to talk to DVSI's USB-3000 dongle with a raspberry pi!


OK -- there is more than one software that works with AMBE-3000 devices like the ThumbDV™

Look at -- this file should be on your system after the install at /etc/opendv/ambeserver-ttyUSB0.conf  --- modify it with the -s flag as documented.

On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 1:29 PM <tjwark@...> wrote:
hi john, i'm sorry, maybe i don't understand your question? what software? 
so I had downloaded the source from - it looks like you're the managing the git? 

from what i can tell it definitely looks like that the usb-3000 is being detected at USB0, after following the 'simple install' procedure, i took a guess and attempted the restart procedure listed in the instructions a little further down but substituted the device name as 'ambeserver@ttyUSB0", and it *seems* like it's opened a servial port at 230400 bps - but i don't know if that's correct, as the dvsi device says it's running at the faster 460kps speed. 

i'm sorry this is all new to me on the pi, i'm more of a windows programmer! i'm working on a sort of a custom project, i'm trying to use something to talk to the usb3k device to send/receive audio data, and i'm writing something myself, or will be, assuming i can talk to it with the test app that came with the software in github download. 


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