Re: Trying to talk to DVSI's USB-3000 dongle with a raspberry pi!


 Modified from the file
sudo systemctl disable ambeserver@ThumbDV
sudo systemctl stop ambeserver@ThumbDV
sudo systemctl enable ambeserver@ttyUSB0
sudo systemctl start ambeserver@ttyUSB0
sudo systemctl status ambeserver@ttyUSB0

On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 1:44 PM <tjwark@...> wrote:
ah so i *am* on the right path it seems, i did see the -s flag, got side tracked, forgot about it. thanks for that! 

ok last (maybe dumb) question  - assuming i want to continue starting with the ambeserver-ttyusb.conf file, how can i get it to default to that file? it seems like when i reboot my pi3 it tries to default to the thumbdv.conf file and then fails. i can restart it with the usb with the manual systemctl commands, but is there a way to get it to default to this, or would that just be a matter of making a code change and recompiling?

thanks again. this is all new to me.

John D. Hays
Kingston, WA
K7VE / WRJT-215


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