Re: Will the Blue DV run on a Windows Surface Pro tablet 64 bit windows 10


BlueDV runs on my MIcrosoft Surface 64-bit, no reason it shouldn't run on yours.

On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 11:42 AM N5YTT Randy <n5ytt1@...> wrote:
I am still a little confused on the setup but watched many videos and all similar. 
What is the difference between the Ambe 300 and 303
It's AMBE-3000 and AMBE-3003 the 3000 is used in the ThumbDV™ and similar devices. The 3003 is rare, but is essentially 3 3000s on a single chip.

and for BM what is the password, if different than the one that you use to log into BM ?

Be sure you are using an active server for BM like BM 3103
You setup your Master Password on self service

I believe i have all the settings correct and could make a screen shot if needed.
It says on com 3 so that is what i am using.

In settings make sure you select the right baud rate -- usually 460800 unless you have an early ThumbDV™ then it is230400
If set properly you should see AMBE3000R for the firmware when serial is turned on.


Start Blue DV and slide the serial tab and the light flickers on the thumb drive. 
However it doesn't seem to recognize it. 
My only thought is either i still have something simple in the settings wrong or it won't run on a tablet or that kind of tablet.

Randy N5YTT

Maybe start with a D-STAR Reflector like REF001C or REF030C (or K7LWH  E for Echo) to see if the basics are working, then move to DMR.

John D. Hays
Kingston, WA
K7VE / WRJT-215


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