Re: Using Buster with D-star?

Justin Mann

I wish I could, because I think that would work really well.  unfortunately sometimes having two screen-readers and a VM don’t play nice.  I’d love to reach out to the author of this app, and see what we could do about adding additional support for other modes.  The app really plays nice with voiceover, and it is nice to easily have the ability to link, and unlink from reflectors etc.
The issue with a VM is that other screen-readers that the operating systems may use don’t really know that they are in a virtual machine, and they try to read what’s on the mac screen, and vice versa, so you the end-user get a whole mess if that makes sense.

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It does not support XLX or XRF.  I see you are on a Mac platform, so this may not be helpful but there is "BlueDV" for Windows or Linux available that I believe supports XLX. You might be able to run that in a virtual machine.

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