DMR on Blue DV

N5YTT Randy

I have the Fussion and Dstar working well but have tried many different settings and have never heard anyone on DMR yet.
I have tried mostly the DMR Plus but also the DMR for server type. 
DMR Master as 3102 and 3103
Confused as DMR password have read to use passw0rd for us and others have said to now use your DMR Brandmeister password, but neither seem to work.
I have tried many DMR Masters as Minnesota and others that have been recommended but still no replies or hearing nobody.
I live in Texas and don't see any DMR + masters for Texas but saw one on the web before, and did run all the updates through Blue Dv
I listen to TG 3148 Texas Statewide and hear people talking on it and then setup Blue Dv for that talkgroup but don't hear anyone.

Any help or thoughs appreciated as this seems to be the last hurdle to getting it all setup and running well.
Randy N5YTT

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