Re: Is Buster still in development?

Gwen Patton

Reporting bugs isn't contributing as a developer, it's informing the developers that you found something that needs attention.

If they told you otherwise, next time your car makes a funny noise, ask your supervisor if you first need his permission to tell your mechanic about it. I suspect they'll clarify their position to something less stupid.

(Sorry, not an Apple customer, so the Reality Distortion Field has no hold over me. *Grin*)

Gwen, NG3P

On Mon, Jun 28, 2021, 12:37 AM Justin Mann via <> wrote:
I’m using Buster, on the latest pre-release of Mac OS, and it works well with voiceover which I’m glad to see.  There are a few minor issues that I’d love to bring to the author’s attention, but because i work for Apple, my NDA has a big “You can’t contribute to projects in the app store officially” clause that I certainly don’t want to brake.  Is there anyway that someone from within this organization might put me in contact with the author via my callsign Ai5os?  All contact information is good on Qrz.  I know this is a weird request, yes, I know the normal procedure is to raise an issue on Github, it’s the NDA that prohibits me from doing so.
Again The app is wonderful, and really would allow any blind Mac user the chance to jump on D-star.  I’d just like to see a couple of buttons that control the linking, and unlinking of reflectors get labeled, and support for All of the us-trust reflectors, xrf, and xlx reflectors, and this app would be set.  I appreciate any help anybody can give.

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