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That's correct, you use a radio to connect to a dmr repeater.  With bluedv you are using the internet and can only connect to talk group of choice.

On Sat., Jul. 3, 2021, 1:45 p.m. Ernie Gm7kbk, <erniepratt@...> wrote:
You cannot connect to a repeater directly. You will have to find what server it is connected to.  Then link to the server and dial up a talkgroup that the repeater is listening to. 

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Subject: [ambe] DMR PLUS
I am trying to use the Blue DV on DMR +. Have the registration done and don't see anything like local repeaters, but all ISPC-2 links with a state.
I live in Central Texas and see there is an ISPC-2 Texas but it's not in the link. I did all the updates but same listing.
I have tried Phoenix, Minnesota, Illinois, Quadnet and others but don't work well.

Looking for thoughts on how to add a local repeater that maybe DMR if possible in config file, or what is required and 
password if needed for the ISPC-2 Texas to add it to the configure file, or a good repeater that will provide good DMR +
or if need to switch back to DMR but still have the same repeater list.

Maybe reflectors, but don't know anything about them or how to set it up. I enjoy Talk Group 3148 and other local ones here.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated. Randy N5YTT

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