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Nutters (vk1nut)

I understand that there is no support for the Android apps you have developed. 😊

 I just wanted to check that I haven't overlooked the obvious.

With regards to Blue DV and BlueDV AMBE (early access), is YSF the only connection mode capable to connect to

XLX301 in Australia?

 Also, I gather users can't initiate an update to their hosts files themselves as they may be hard coded to each version that is released?

Basically I would just like to know if there a way I could add a DSTAR repeater to these Android apps? -eg VK1RWN

We concurrently use this repeater to assist a local digi net held by Rob Smith VK2HR -XLX301,

with the Blue DV and Blue DV AMBE and Peanut to slowly familiarise non starters to be interested in digital modes other than DSTAR.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Glenn VK1NUT AKA "Nutters"

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