BlueDV Linux Request #linux #bluedv

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

David PA7LIM:

I would like to raise your awareness that the now fairly-dated version of BlueDV for Linux is included with HamPi, the ham radio software distribution for Raspberry Pi users. There have been almost 50,000 downloads of HamPi to date. I have received a number of requests from people over the time HamPi has been in distribution to fix defects in BlueDV for Linux. If you account for the fact that for every one person who reports an issue, that there are roughly 19 other people who haven't bothered, then the ~10 people who have brought this up to me represent about 200 people. It is not an insignificant number of people wanting to run BlueDV for Linux on HamPi.

I do know you actively develop the Windows version of BlueDV, because I use that version to run the Georgia Statewide DMR Net (US State) on Wednesday nights, and I am hoping you might at least focus some effort on your Linux version on bringing it up to date with the latest changes. 

Here's a link to the search term "BlueDV" in the HamPi group:

Would you be as so gracious to kindly focus your efforts on updating the now three and a half year old Linux version of BlueDV to bring it up to par with the Windows version? Please?

Thank you for your consideration.

- Dave, W3DJS
-- Lifetime Member of ARRL & GARS and curator of HamPi, the ham radio software distribution for the Raspberry Pi --

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