Re: ambeserver-install -Has anyone run the Simple Install lately?

Jiri Culak

hi Mike

where do you run the actual dstar/dmr app. ? Also on Pi? 

On Thu, 11 Nov 2021 at 18:29, Mike Moore via <> wrote:
I shelved this project for the summer and picked it back up this week.  I have my thumbDV working now in my Raspberry Pi 2 model B.  This unit builds with the device name ttyUSB0 and I start the server just as you recommended John, with the commands:

sudo systemctl enable ambeserver@ttyUSB0
sudo systemctl start ambeserver@ttyUSB0
sudo systemctl status ambeserver@ttyUSB0

It took me a while to figure out why the python test scripts were not working.  The reason was a permissions thing and when preceded the python command with sudo, I verified that my device was working in the pi but not reliably or for very long.  I suspected that I had a problem with my pi.  In searching "Will ambe server run on a pi 2 model B"  I found the thread about ensuring that the power supply is adequate.  I changed from a charger block to a real pi power supply and voila!  Reliable operation.

So thanks for your help last summer John.  I retraced the steps this week and found the problem was the supply.

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