#ambe #thumbdv #ambe #bluedv bluedvambe drops reflector after about 30 seconds OTG #ambe #thumbdv #bluedv

Bryan, KJ7PRS


I am new here and new to the bluedvambe android.  I am using the thumbdv OTG with bluedvambe on my android.  It connects to reflectors with no issue and I hear stations with no problem.  I can move reflectors without issue so it seems to be working to some degree.  

I have two issues.  It appears to be transmitting but I do not show up on my dashboards of my D-Star radios or on the reflector dashboards, and I can't hear myself on my radios.  The second issue is I get dropped after about 30 seconds but it says I am connected.

I should add, Galaxy x-cover pro phone with Android 10.

Any help would be appreciated, 73, stay healthy, KJ7PRS, Bryan

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