Re: BlueDV issues on Ubuntu 21 and Mono 6.8 #bluedv #linux

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

David PA7LIM,

Reviewing some of your prior posts, I now read that you stated, "The only difference is that you can not use an AMBE3000 with the Linux version. The reason for this is the sounddriver that can not be emulated in Linux( MONO )."

So my new question is: If one cannot use the AMBE3000, what is one left to do? Could one instead run the AMBEServer and have BlueDV connect to that? What other options exist?

Please advise, and 73.

- Dave, W3DJS
-- Lifetime Member of ARRL & GARS and curator of HamPi, the ham radio software distribution for the Raspberry Pi --

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