Buster v1.2 in App Review

Jeremy McDermond <mcdermj@...>

I just wanted to give folks a quick heads up.

Buster version 1.2 is now in review by Apple.  They've been fairly quick about things the last few times I've submitted, so you may see something as early as tomorrow.

There aren't a lot of changes right now, but there was a key one that I wanted to push out the door sooner rather than later.

Here are the changes:

*  Bug fix for the Audio Preferences panel where you sometimes couldn't properly select a device (Thanks to Donald Hays).

*  Backed off on the minimum OS requirement.  I put it at Sierra the last time around because I assumed everyone would be there.  Apparently there are some folks that haven't upgraded yet, and there's no real technical reason not to allow El Capitan, so that's been relaxed a bit.  The new minimum version is OSX 10.11.

*  Most importantly, Buster now queries the reflector lists from ar-dns.net on startup.  I will reach out to ar-dns.net and download the .plist files automatically. It will then merge them in with the bundled lists in the executable.  This way if there's updated information on a reflector, it will overwrite the built-in lists. But, if you've hand added something to them (which may or may not function right because of code signing), you won't lose that in the process.  Also, if you can't get to ar-dns.net for some reason, the built-in lists will at least give you some sort of backup.  This system help me in that I don't have to worry about releasing an executable just to update the reflector lists, and you can now get the freshest information just by restarting Buster.  Note this is probably stage 1 of this project, and John and I are working on developing protocols to make this a little bit more live.

I've also revamped my website a bit since the hardware that was running it crashed hard.  I decided that I really just needed to pay the money and outsource it because I don't want to *have* to be a sysadmin, and I'm certainly not a web developer.  So, you can check out https://www.nh6z.net if you have a chance.  There's a short page there on Buster and I'm going to try to be adding more content about my various projects.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support, and hopefully you enjoy this update.

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