HamPi @ Atlanta Hamfest

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

Hello fellow hams and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts!

I'm going to be demonstrating HamPi 3.0 in person at the Atlanta Hamfest next Saturday, June 4, 2022. The event is being held at Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta, GA and the gates open at 8:00 AM EDT (12:00 UTC). Admission is $8. (Neither I nor HamPi receive any monetary compensation.)

You should stop by the HamPi booth if:
  • You are interested in Raspberry Pi and want to know how HamPi can make life simpler for you with ham radio
  • You already use HamPi and want to learn advanced usage, tips and tricks
  • If you don't have a Raspberry Pi, but have an older x86-based PC lying around, then we still have something for you: HamPC!

About HamPi
HamPi is a free software distribution of over 100 ham radio applications for Raspberry Pi users. W3DJS released version 1.0 of HamPi a week before Field Day 2020. Putting hundreds, if not thousands of hours into it, W3DJS has been updating it once a quarter, and a major update -- version 3.0 of HamPi was released this May 2022. HamPi version 3.0 is based on the newly released Raspberry Pi OS based on Debian Bullseye (ver 11) and provides support for both 32-bit and 64-bit ARM OS (in separate images).

HamPi has become quite well-known within the Ham Radio community and recently won two SourceForge awards: The Community Choice award and SourceForge Favorite award. These honors are awarded only to select projects that have reached significant milestones in terms of downloads and user engagement from the SourceForge community.

image.png HamPi SourceForge Awardsimage.png

To date, there have been well over 80,000 downloads of HamPi. Users hail from all over the US, and also internationally too. HamPi may be downloaded from http://hampi.sourceforge.net and it has a community support forum at https://groups.io/g/Ham-Pi . HamPi has a sister project, HamPC, which is the (almost identical) ham radio software distribution for the 64-bit x86 PC. It is based upon Xubuntu Linux and may be downloaded from http://hampc.sourceforge.net . It has a community support forum at https://groups.io/g/HamPC The source code from HamPi and HamPC may be found at https://github.com/dslotter/HamPi

See you next weekend!


- Dave, W3DJS
-- Lifetime Member of ARRL & GARS and curator of HamPi, the ham radio software distribution for the Raspberry Pi --

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